Special Edition

The danger of being silent and why you should speak out.


Must be 18 years or older to view videos below

Warning: There are violence and profanity used in the videos below.

This happened one month before our one-year wedding anniversary. But yet I’d stayed with him after all he had done to me and because I had stayed with him, look what happened nine months later.
If you listen carefully, you will hear the truth come out of his mouth and be followed up by his actions. When I was in the kitchen, he pounded his fist into my hand, throws me around to keep me from getting the car keys, admits the truth about why he still was with me, because he had no job and nowhere to go, he throws coffee in my face and I retaliate by throwing coffee back in his face.
It should have never gotten to this point. It’s no longer anger at this point, it’s Rage! He is out of control and there is no point of return.
This is not how you are supposed to be treated by your husband. He is supposed to protect you, not harm you.
This is when I prayed to be released from the marriage. I’d prayed for permission to divorce him. I was truly done at this point.  There was nothing left that he could do to me that would not end in death.  I filed for a divorce a month later and our divorce was final five months afterward. As you can see here he just would not leave me alone. Every time I rejected him. The anger in him would come out. He had no true remorse about what he had done to me. He only cared about himself.
I was hurt! I knew I could not take him back.  He really believed he did nothing wrong.
Now, this is what mental illness looks like.
Only a person who is not stable mentally can beat up his wife. Then turn right around within the next moment and say the words that come out of his mouth next.
After he left the house, I changed the locks, packed all his clothes and things, and put them all in storage.
I’d decided to keep my cool and not destroy his things. I did not want to add to the fire.  But I wanted him out of my house and for him to not have any reason to show back up and raise hell with me. I’d put it all on video and text it to him so he would know I mint business. Then I’d sent all these videos to his family members and my friends and family, so they could be a witness to everything.


He claimed that he was the best man I had ever been with. That was a lie because he was the only man that was very abusive to me in any of my relationships. My first husband cheated and made a baby during our marriage, so he believed because he did not make any babies on me. That he was the best man ever. The problem was that he did cheat on me. I found proof of his affairs online but he believed because I did not see physical action that he was not cheating. I read all the messages of the multiple women he was cheating with.

Now… I cannot blame him for everything that went wrong in our marriage. As you can see, I did have a big mouth. I spoke my mind and I was not afraid of him. The problems I had in our marriage were not with him. It was with myself. I did not believe in my own abilities enough to believe I was enough all by myself. I allowed myself to go through the ugliness he was putting me through. He had no job and had not helped with any bills at the home for over two years. When he did pay a bill like water or cable or lights. It was when they got shut off. I knew better, but I wanted to be a wife so badly that I allow myself to throw away my standards. After viewing these videos about three times. I had decided to hold myself accountable by sharing the videos with others who knew me well and who would not let me fall short like that again. It was a very tough decision to make. But I wanted out of the marriage and I needed to free myself. I knew just how charming and manipulative he could be and I needed to come out of that trap I was in. Ladies I am sharing my experiences with you to show you that you are not alone and if I can become free; so can you.

Signing Out: A’laila The’Queen

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