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I am a published author and a playwright.

On this page, is where you can purchase a copy of my books. Feel free to leave your comments, give your feedback, and share this website with others.

My New Book! “A Change in Direction”

Click on the link below to read a sample of the book before you purchase a copy. The book comes in Ebook, Paperback, and Hardcopy

Read A Sample:

After you have read the sample or perhaps you have read the entire book. If you’ve enjoyed what you have read, please feel free to write a review. By clicking on the link below you can write your review straight to Amazon.

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About the Book:
You are where you’re at by the choices you make: A mother’s guide to helping her children make good decisions.  A Change in Direction is a short 50-quote and statement based on biblical teaching to help promote positive thinking and an optimistic attitude towards life in teenagers, young adults, and including yourself. It is a thought-provoking, self-help, serious but yet practical, scripture base spirituality book. Which will help set your children and yourself up for a leadership lifestyle as an adult. 
If you have a teenager that is headed down the wrong path and you have tried many different methods but nothing seems to be working. Give this book a try and give it to them to read. Don’t tell them what the book is about, just say, “Hey, I want you to read this book and when you are finished reading it we are going to have a discussion about what you have learned.”This book is a guide to help set your child on the right path in life to help them make good decisions; without you being in their ear sounding like you are nagging and fussing at them. You know what it was like when you were your child’s age, it wasn’t that long ago.
The lessons in this book will settle in their mind and spirit, so when it comes to them deciding which direction to go in. The right choice will come easy for them to make.

“For the Sake of the Child”- Stage Play

About the Stage Play:

Amos is placed in a foster home at 5 years old. His aunt Aya fights with the courts and Amos’s parents to get him placed with her and her husband. What the family didn’t know about Amos is that he has special gifts that were given to him by the Holy Spirit.

There are two ways you can view this Stage Play for free.

By clicking on the download link below to read the script.

Or by clicking on the audio button to listen to the Stage Play.

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