I’d married my bestfriend. He is so good to me and my son. He doesn’t talk bad to me or take advantage of me. He doesn’t hit me or hurt me. He works, pay bills and he is very respectful. People love him because he is a really cool dude. He adores me like a man should. I am greatful to Yahweh for him because I was giving up on love and marriage. Then my eyes were open to see what was always there to begin with.

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Hey Queens, if you are looking for a workout that will balance your hormones levels. Check out my videos from Metabolic Renewal. There are many Phases to this workout and you will not only balance your hormone, you will also get into great shape. Go ahead and give it a try. Let me know what you think about the workouts alone the way; is it working for you or not?


The month of October is known as Breast Cancel awareness month. But did you know that it is also known as Domestic Violence awareness month as well? So, when you are wearing your pink to support women who are suffering from that ugly disease call Breast Cancel. Don’t forget to wear your purple to support and help put a stop to this monster called Domestic Violence.