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My name is A'laila The'Queen! I am a dynamic woman; who understands my purpose and my worth in life. I am no different from you as a woman. I cry, feel pain, and I have been in abusive relationships and marriages. But one thing I've done differently from most women is, "I've learned my self-worth and I now live according to my purpose." I Know Who Holds my tomorrow. I am Saved! I've received Jesus Christ Yeshua as my lord and savior as a little girl. I'm like a flower, FINE IN TEXTURE, EXQUISITE AND FIND IN QUALITY; DELICATE; BEAUTIFUL, BUT YET STRONG! WHO AM I? I AM A SPIRIT THAT IS IN A BODY FOR A SHORT TIME I LOVE BIG WHEN I MAKE MISTAKES I ASK FOR FORGIVENESS I SEEK GOD TO LEARN MY PURPOSE I PUT OTHERS' NEEDS BEFORE MINDS BECAUSE I KNOW GOD HAS ME COVERED I AM THAT ONE WHOM REMEMBERS TO SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EVEN IF I DON'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT LEADING UP TO YOUR DAY. I AM THAT ONE WHOM WILL GO OUT OF MY WAY TO MAKE SURE YOU'RE SAFE. I AM THAT ONE WHOM ENJOYS PUTTING A SMILE UPON YOUR FACE WHEN YOU ARE SAD. WHEN YOU THINK THAT NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU. I AM THAT ONE WHOM WILL REMIND YOU THAT YOU ARE ALWAYS LOVED. IF I CAN'T SAY I LOVE YOU, I WILL SHOW YOU IN MANY WAYS. WHOSE AM I? I AM GOD'S CHILD, A'laila The'Queen The reason I created this website is for women like yourself who are afraid and lost; to be able to have a place to go to for help, resources, encouragement, and for your self-building. This is a faith-based site. Faith in the Father (Yahweh), Son (Jesus Yeshua Christ), and the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit. WELCOME TO FAITH, FAMILY, FRIENDS, SINGLE, MARRIAGE, and DIVORCE!

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